Running low on energy? Workloads piling up? Finding it harder and harder to drag yourself out of bed in morning? We feel you. Exams are now rapidly approaching and now that the sun is beginning to shine, those afternoons in the library are leaving you feeling more and more drained. That’s when In The Nood comes in.

They’re nutritional, a great way to fight back hunger and give you tons of natural energy to help you get through the day. They’re also perfect pre/post workout for when you need a little energy boost. Each energy ball is packed full of antioxidants, fibre and minerals so you don’t have to worry about feeling stodgy after you’ve eaten. They present themselves as “healthy snacks with nothing to hide” so you can eat happily knowing that you are filling your body with natural goodness. 

Cacao is the main ingredient, mixed with sunflower seeds, coconut and the occasional date. I know what you’re thinking, foods that are ‘good for you’ can often
be dry, bland and the taste lingers in the back of your mouth but I was pleasantly surprised

In The Nood is easy to eat, the taste is subtle enough to not leave an after taste but still very, very yummy and the fun part? You can eat it however you like. The mix is designed to roll out to create fun little energy balls but you can also cut them into cookie shapes or eat it straight from the packet. You can even add to it; chocolate, berries, currants? And with three different flavours to choose from, you can eat whatever your heart desires. 

The packaging is fun and vibrant, the company is filled head to toe with charm and the food is super simple and super yummy. Definitely a must-try!

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Thanks Brittany Guymer and Student Wire. You can read the actual review here.