A new health food snack brand will offer consumers the chance to “roll their own” energy ball in a choice of three different flavours.

In the Nood, launching this summer, is sold as a pack of seven 25g balls with around 166 calories per serving. Available in orange and cacao, simply cacao, and crunchy cacao flavours, the idea is that consumers will use the ingredients in each pack to roll their own energy ball. All of the three variants are raw, gluten-free and vegan-friendly, offering consumers “the perfect roll-grab-and-go snack”.

It was conceived by husband and wife team Alex and Sam Lai.

They said: “In the Nood are healthy snacks with nothing to hide. They come in a pack with fully mixed dates, coconut, cacao and other amazing ingredients so you can roll your own energy ball. With three flavours available, we’ve created something that’s nutritious and customisable for folks’ own recipes, and with no added sugar, they are a great pre- or post- workout snack, or a snack on the run, or, if you fancy it, you can eat it from the bag! Kids will love them too – a whole host of creativity at their fingertips with them making their own recipes and creating fun cookie cutter shapes!”

Each energy ball is full of antioxidants, fibre and minerals, the brand said.

The idea came to Sam Lai during her pregnancy, when she was trying to find healthy but tasty snacks that wouldn’t require endless preparation but still leave her wanting to return for more.

She recalled: “Whilst creating some homemade energy balls one day and bemoaning another love/hate interaction with my blender and the dates, my husband suggested how easy it would be to have a premix paste where the hard work is done for you and all you have to do is roll and go. I loved it – mainly because it tackled the issue that everyone’s tastes are different so you could customise it, but also that it was a store cupboard ingredient that you could have on hand to pull out whenever you needed it without having to add anything else!

“We talked and researched our local health stores, supermarkets and online websites and decided that there was nothing out there that delivered this in the market. So, we made some trial packs up and conducted a questionnaire with our friends.

“The results were incredibly positive and with a combination of their feedback, our belief and desires and momentum in the health food market, we decided to pack in our corporate jobs, sell our house, move to the UK and launch our own business making the pastes. Our thoughts were that if we didn’t do this now, then we would never do it and we did not want to reflect upon a lost opportunity of starting something together for the benefit of our family’s future.

“We are really excited about In the Nood in the health food market and cannot wait for it to hit the shelves.”

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