I’m a big fan of carrying healthy snacks around with me for when hunger strikes. Not only do they save me from reaching out for rubbish with zero nutrients but it also saves money. And as always I like to keep a look out for new foods on the market. Welcome In the Nood.

This healthy snack has just been launched in time for summer picnic time. In the Nood is a ‘roll your own’ make-and-go energy ball that can also be customised by adding additional ingredients. The packs have no added sugar, is raw, vegan, paleo and gluten free making it the perfect roll-grab-and-go snack that is tasty and guilt-free.

One ball is a 25g serving, coming in at about 166 Kcal and you can create 7 x 25g balls per pack. They come in three flavours: Orange and Cacao, Simply Cacao, and Crunchy Cacao. Putting on my adventurous cap I added some desiccated coconut to the Simply Cacao and some chopped mixed buts to the Orange and Cacao. The result? Well a chef in the making clearly.

In the Nood comes in a pack with fully mixed dates, coconut, cacao and other amazing ingredients so you’re ready to get rolling immediately after ripping open the bag. But if you’re feeling super lazy you can eat it straight from the bag! Kids will love them too – as indeed did my nephews – as they got creative making their own recipes and fun cookie cutter shapes.

The brains behind In the Nood are Alex and Sam Lai, a husband and wife duo from Gloucestershire, who created their ‘roll your own energy ball’ to stop those mid-week, mid-afternoon cravings and add a healthy dose of the good stuff, instead of the usual sweet treats. They wanted to create a food full of good stuff such as antioxidants, fibre and minerals and no added nasties. The pair moved back to the UK from Australia to launch In the Nood this year after quitting their jobs in Australia to launch the raw health food snacks business in the Cotswolds.

These are super tasty and I love them. You can order packs online www.inthenood.com Feeling creative? You can share your creations on their Instagram page here.

Thanks Sabi Phagura and you can read the actual review here.