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In The Nood Orange and Cacao Energy Balls PUBLISHED ON November
7, 2016 While wondering around Cheltenham market, I discovered In The
Nood’s stall. They sell packs of ‘paste’ which you can use to make
your own energy balls. I tried the cacao and orange flavour to make
my own energy balls along with a sachet of chocolate orange Whey Box

emily gets strong review

In the pack is a vacuum packed ‘paste’ which you simply roll into
balls. As instructed on the packet, I heated the mix for 10 seconds
in the microwave and then I added my protein powder with a few drops
of water. After, I rolled the mix into eight balls and that’s it,

I know some people may be thinking that you can just make your
own energy balls completely from scratch but I think that these packs
are ideal for people such as myself who work full time jobs with
little time in the evenings. I like how you can add to the mix if you
want or simply have it as it is. It is also ideal as you can control
how many portions you make, for example, you could make four big
balls or several smaller balls.

emily gets strong review
emily gets strong review



    Dates, Cashew Nuts, Almonds, Sunflower Seeds, Cacao, Almond Oil,
Orange Essential Oil, Himalayan Sea Salt

    Nutrition (mix with nothing added)

    Per average 25g serving:-

    109 kcal, C10.4g, F5.9g, P2.3g


    £4.99 per 150g pack. I think this is similar if not cheaper than
other products on the market, for example The Protein Ball co.
packets are £1.99 for 45g and Bounce Balls are £1.99 for 42g. (Prices
checked on H&B)

    Overall, I thought the cacao and orange energy balls tasted
delicious – think a healthier Terry’s chocolate orange! I am a
massive fan of the time-saving concept, the minimal number of
ingredients and the way you can jazz them up yourself!

    Rating 9/10

    In The Nood energy balls can be found here and Whey Box protein
sachets can be found here.

Thanks Emily for the kind words.

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