In The Nood Energy Ball Mix.

How long do my energy balls take to make?

I'm a black belt origami expert and it should take me about 1.34245 secs per ball, but for the rest of you, I'd say about 5 mins from opening the bag, rolling them and putting them in the fridge.

Do I need to refrigerate once I've rolled?

Our preference is to just let them sit in the fridge for 20 to 30 mins, but you don't need to. They are ready to eat right here, right now so don't let the fridge hold you back.

I've rolled them now, why do my hands look oily?

We've used coconut oil to help add extra goodness to our energy ball mix, so there is likely to be some on your hands when you roll them. Just remember to wash your hands afterwards, there's nothing worse than trying to do hand stands with coconut oil on them.... trust me!

How long do they last?

Once you've rolled them, we recommend you try to use them with in two weeks.

Can you freeze them?

Of course you can! your precious little energy balls can be kept super cold for about a month before you should be asking yourself why I haven't been for a workout in a month? Also make sure they are stored in a container in the freezer.

I've mixed my own protein powder into the mix and now they feel dry when I'm trying to roll them?

The mix has been made for instant gratification..... therefore when you add another ingredient to the mix, sometimes a tablespoon or two of water would help bind everything. Afterwards it would be a good idea to stick them in the fridge for 20 to 30 mins.

Trade enquiries.

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In The Nood Company Info.

Are you VAT (Value Added Tax) registered?

Yep, Love VAT, can't get enough of filing those VAT returns.... Our VAT number if you're really bored is 234 1221 57.