Hey there!

Carmen here- I guess you’ve heard from Rufus and his muddy escapades last week so I thought it was time to have a bit more serenity in your life and to hear a bit about my foray into the celebrity world when I met the gorgeous @HemsleyHemsley.

Now, not that I get phased much by celebrities….I mean sure I’ve bought Hello! and caught up with some of the celebrity gossip but honestly I don’t have time to pore over them anymore (and anyway Complex news gives me all the highlights I need to know).

I was much more interested in their new book #goodandsimple, what it could add to our journey into healthy eating and how they manage it consistently with a hectic lifestyle.

Now, they may look picture perfect , be effortlessly chic, have eternal youth and with that promoting the total unachievable…but you know what? These girls were COOL! Like the kind of girls that you want to hang out with, all be it you’d probably feel a bit like their dorky friend.

So what was it that appealed to me so much?

Well firstly, it was the genuine interest and engagement that accompanied the introduction at the book signing. When Mel (the fringed one!) saw the In The Nood logo on our jacket she immediately launched in to “So what’s In The Nood? Can I have a look at your product?” and with that we started to chat at record pace about our ‘roll your own energy ball mix’, the branding (“Oh I LOVE it”) and how we could tailor future recipes to create new and interesting variants (watch this space!)

Jasmine signed the book from the girls, wrote a message wishing us all at In The Nood the best of luck and posed for a photo (note to self, perhaps rethink the beauty preparation when said photo is with said celebrities) COOL RATING NO.1


Secondly, it was the openness and humbleness that they delivered upfront that they are not experts nor chefs nor foodies. Just people sharing their ideas on better choices and instantly you felt like they were one of us, that we can all achieve better things regardless of where your expertise lies and that having a passion to make a difference carries you a long long way. COOL RATING NO.2

So, all up these are some of the nuggets that I really liked (actually it was great to hear that we are on the same page on pretty much all of their food philosophies)

1)   Batch cook to help save time during the week and don’t be afraid to have it for breakfast to set the day up

2)   If travelling on planes, take the raw, dry ingrediants in heatproof jars and get the flight attendants to add hot water to it (genius)

3)   You don’t have to be a formally trained expert to achieve your passion

4)   You don’t know where your current journey will take you – just follow your passion (they had NO idea they would end up where they are today)

5)   You can still be really really nice even when you have made it :)


Catch you around! I’m the hot one on the front of the In The Nood Simply Cacao roll your own energy ball mix #healthysnacks