Hi there!

So I’m feeling pretty pleased with myself right now.

Last I week I told you about my dalliance with the celebrity world.

This week I’ve been inspired to try even more new and different stuff to add to my ongoing desire to balance wholefood cooking for the whole family along with managing work/life balance and of course being at the beck and call of an all consuming 3 year old. In fact the best way I can describe him at the moment is in the words of Seinfeld “Having a toddler is like having a blender that you don’t have the top for”. PERIOD.

I digress…..

Cue H&H’s #GoodAndSimple but having also recently bought Deliciously Ella’s #Everyday book too (I seriously need to move onto The Hairy Bikers soon… if they’re not high achieving cross fit paleo devotees then I seem to acquire young, hipster model types) I’m scouring for a new and different angle.

But here’s the deal. I DO MISS THE IDEA OF MY OLD FAVOURITES. Sure I feel a million times more energetic, healthier and fitter eating wholefood and curtailing that natural inclination to reach for something that I know will inevitably make me feel bloated or lethargic. But the deal is that I loved some of those things that comforted me in that old school way of living. So here begins my search to collate old school favourites that I can reach for whenever nostalgia takes over and provides me with both a nutritious punch without the slam dunk toxin overload. If I can do this in the most efficient way possible who knows…. Maybe I even get to finish House Of Cards sooner than I expected!

So, first up.


Now was I ever a huge devotee? Not really but what happened was I moved to Sydney and oh…my….the Asian food…..it was phenomenal. Cheap, freshly cooked noodles , super tasty and always available - it was always easy to grab something and for it to be really very, very good. Especially for a girl who can’t live without chilli and garlic on as much as possible.

So, when I saw H&H’s “Reinvented Noodle Pot” and remembered them highlighting it as a way to take ‘dry’ food onto a plane (see last week’s blog) I thought I’d give it a whirl for lunch for me and Rufus (by the way did I mention there’s flecks of grey appearing in his beard?) Gluten Free, Sugar Free….Perfect!

In the fridge I grabbed what was available - Courgette, carrot, coriander, leftover poached chicken, chilli, garlic, ginger, lime, red pepper, spring onions and leftover chicken stock (they say water but i always try and sneak bone broth in where i can).

From the cupboard I grabbed my favourite flavours – fish sauce, coconut aminos (you can use tamari as it’s gluten free too), garlic powder, sea salt, pepper, sesame oil, more chilli

…And chopped it all up (ginger and garlic are good grated here to get the most flavour out )

TIP 1: Did you know that you should leave chopped garlic out for 5-10 mins to get the most health benefits?

TIP 2: I did julienne the courgette and carrot to give the all important noodle fix. Don’t skip it – it takes 2 mins with a julienner or spiraliser and is totally worth the effort.

I then layered the vegetables into a heatproof Kilner Jar added the spices and seasoning (you can really gauge to suit your taste here) and heated the stock.

….Poured the stock into the jar…BOOM!

Lunch for 2 - me & you

FINISHED and I’ve got to say absolutely awesome.

Seriously it took about 5 minutes and it was super healthy, gave us the Asian taste kick that we had been craving and best bit? You can just take the dry ingredients to work and then add boiling water once you’re ready for it…so simple!

And this got me thinking – what if I could try and find/recreate more old school favourites that can be reworked to tick that wholefood box so that I when I’m feeling nostalgic they’re there waiting for me….

Watch this space…..

Love Carmen