Like many of you out there, life was simply getting crazy. One day led to another and the weeks and months flew by. Now, we're all in the same boat here and it's very easy to just keep going, but then came their first child.

What Rufus and Carmen thought was already a pretty hectic schedule became simply a case of fitting life and their health in between nappies and sleep! Over this time they simply had no energy, work was suffering and their health was slowly struggling to keep up with their day to day needs.

What these guys realised was that they needed something at times to just give them some energy with out taking too much out of their day. Something that was quick and easy. Something they could control. Something their little boy could be a part of too.

In the Nood is about having a healthy option at your finger tips. Go to your kitchen, decide what flavours you want and in a matter of minutes you will have something ready to take out with you. Something to help you on the go or in Rufus and Carmen's case, more time and more energy to do the things they want, with out feeling like they need to go to that unhealthy treat to compensate.